A 10-WEEK intensive to build agility and level up your leadership. 
Camille Preston, PhD, PCC designed this exclusive program to helps leaders create direction, alignment, and commitment, allowing them to drive change on their teams and in their organizations. 

Leaders will build the resilience needed to tackle new challenges and navigate adversity, building greater executive presence and refining core leadership skills (i.e., decision-making and delegation).
Senior managers, leaders, and founders who want to build capacity and cultivate the self-awareness needed to be more impactful leaders.

Additional classes starting on April 12, June 27 - July 28 (Mon and Thurs.) and Sept. 20 at 12:00 PM EDT
Registration only $3,875
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When you join the AIM Leadership Deep Dive. You Will Discover...

Priority Map

Each leader will complete AIM Leadership’s Priority Map--a powerful tool designed to help leaders clarify short- and long-term priorities and identify obstacles to growth.

Coaching with Dr. Camille Preston

Two exclusive coaching sessions bookending the AIM Leadership Deep Dive. The first session will serve as a one-on-one debriefing on the Priority Map. The second session will offer leaders a chance to reflect on what they’ve learned and discuss how to keep accelerating their growth in the future. 
Take Your Leadership To A New Level

AIM Leadership Deep Dive Curriculum

Leveling Up Your Leadership

Begin to level up your leadership by mapping your priorities. Then, discover how and why to spend more time in the learning zone.

Accelerating Growth

Discover how to accelerate your growth by applying genuine heat to the priorities that matter most at work and in your life.

Managing Energy and Mitigating Burnout

Explore how to effectively manage your energy and mitigate burnout. Also, discover how to pass on these tools to your team.

Cultivating Perspective

Cultivating the ability to see things at different perspectives and using this newfound agility to guide your decision making and actions. 

Creating More Time

Time may be finite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create more time. Learn how effective systems and practices can help you create more time and help you focus on the priorities that matter.

Building Trust

Trust is a pillar of outstanding leadership. Understand what trust is, how to build it on your team, and how to prevent and even repair breaches in trust.

​Establishing Boundaries

Good fences make good neighbors, and good boundaries make for stronger and more productive relationships at work and in life. Explore how to establish and maintain boundaries across domains.

Managing Conflict

No one likes conflict, and conflicts invariably happen. Discover how to manage conflict, the risks of avoiding it at all costs, and the impact conflict management can have on your ability to lead effectively. 

​Optimizing Performance

If you want to optimize, there is no better way than to get into flow. Flow is the state of mind achieved when we’re fully immersed in an activity, be it at work or in play. Explore how to get into flow and experience the impact of doing more with less time and energy.

​Integrating for Greater Impact

Integration is a vital step in the AIM Leadership Deep Dive. Discover how to integrate everything you’ve learned over the past ten weeks and how to keep accelerating your growth as a leader moving forward. 

Participant Experience


  • Ten 50-minute group sessions every Tuesday at 12:00 starting Jan 25, 2022
  • Two 25-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Camille Preston 
  • Priority Mapping Assessment to clarify priorities in your personal and professional life.
  • ​Weekly resources and worksheets to assist you in laying a foundation of effective communication while building and expanding your leadership skills.
Who is Camille
Dr. Camille Preston is a business psychologist and the founder and CEO of AIM Leadership--an executive leadership firm that works with leaders, teams, and organizations to align and optimize human capital to drive scalable and sustainable results. 

Since founding AIM Leadership in 2004, Preston has helped hundreds of leaders navigate the challenges of today’s disrupted workplace. She also helps teams work together more effectively by discovering how to map priorities, build trust, and optimize systems. 

A recognized thought leader on leadership, virtual effectiveness, and team optimization, Camille is the author of two books, Rewired and Create More Flow, a regular contributor to Psychology Today, Fast Company, and Thrive, and a sought-after keynote speaker.

Hear From Past Clients
Camille Preston has helped leaders build resilient teams and scalable businesses.

"It wasn’t just my organization and work life that thrived; my family life improved, too. Her systemic approach pushed me to navigate challenges and be more fully present with my children. Her coaching inspired several once-in-a lifetime conversations with my elderly father that I never would have had before. Coaching with Camille changed my life in every way."

Elizabeth Sheehan, Founder & President

Care 2 Communities

"You're more than just a coach. Your relentless focus on me as a whole person, the acknowledgement that who I am shows up in all aspects of my life and they aren't separate. And that approach has improved ALL aspects of my life. For work, absolutely in developing a high performing, trusting team with relationships that go well beyond the job at the time.

And, I hired you twice - once via work, and once on my own. ;-) And, hopefully I'll be hiring you again soon!"

Stephanie Marshall

M3 Advisors, LLC

"The most valuable aspect of coaching with Camille is her ‘gentle prod.’ I think in general people are very capable of bringing about changes in their lives and learning new skills to apply to their daily routines and their relationships and their work life. But many times people need help in getting started. Working with a coach can be that initial or, depending on the relationship, sustaining energy to help a person pursue important goals."


Georgetown University Hospital

"Personality is where we bonded the most and I think you bring an element of not having a corporate setting personality. I felt immediately I was talking to someone who cared about me vs putting me through a large corporate process of coaching. You always had a plan for me but also quick to pivot as things don’t always go as planned….I loved that about you.
Your examples/stories resonated with me as you would share them on our Tuesday calls…I felt connection to your advice/coaching and implemented it. You made me discover and live in terrors edge (maybe I do too much now), and got me thinking about what it feels like when I do. Your resources (website, notebook, videos) are the best I’ve ever read…to have that as my resource was great. Simple, to the point and easy to read.. You helped me witness/discover my confidence and determination/focus in life personally and professionally which strengthened my skills through our process. You’re persistent (this is a compliment). You are not afraid to challenge but in a professional way. Your calculation on accelerated growth resonated with me…again, you have a great way of explaining what that means and how it plays out in real life. You motivated me to do things in life I normally wouldn’t have thought of doing….empathy, awareness, altitude, selflessness…I learned all this from YOU! Your ability to explain Fixed Mindset and growth mindset opened my eyes to many opportunities. Your focus on business phycology worked for me. We were aligned…"

Punit Patel

Inova Hospital

Camille exudes positive energy and presents topics with impressive credentials and experience. I felt very connected with her and impressed at how wonderfully she connected with us. At the same time, she was committed to a start and finish line and to execute all information on program.


Inova Hospital

"The Rising Leaders program is an exceptional use of time as I am able to immediately apply what is being discussed. I personally am getting the most out of the breakout sessions, which are open, honest and impactful. Vice President, Optoro OR Vice President, High Growth e-Commerce Company"

Vice President




Interested in an exclusive team engagement? Contact AIM Leadership for details and team-based pricing.
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